Serra Enzyme™ 250,000IU Maximum Strength – 30 Capsules Trial Size

Serra Enzyme™ 250,000IU Maximum Strength – 30 Capsules Trial Size

Serra Enzyme is Serrapeptase, 250,000iu strength:

  • The Serra Enzyme Dissolves Or Digests Proteins

    Originally derived from the friendly bacteria living within the gut of the silkworm, Serrapeptase is now synthetically manufactured within a laboratory.

  • Serrapeptase Can show Effective Support For Accelerated Healing

    May help to support the body’s healing processes, promote healthy sinus activity, normal fluid retention, joint mobility and removal of waste fluids amongst other anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Over 3x Stronger Than Other Serrapeptase Products

    The SerraEnzyme 250,000IU is formulated to give maximum benefit in minimum time.

  • Delayed Release Capsules

    When taken on an empty stomach, this ensures that the Serra Enzyme is activated in the small intestine for maximum effect.

  • Phthalate Free 

    Phthalates are plasticised coatings on capsules and pills that are used to help regulate the timed release of drugs. They are also used to deliver active ingredients to specific areas in the digestive tract where it is most useful for them to be absorbed. Our Serrapeptase enzyme range is free from phthalates.


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Serra Enzyme 250,000IU Serrapeptase – New Trial Size – 30 Capsules


We listened to your requests and now it’s here!

Serra Enzyme 250,000iu is available in a new smaller size, for those who want to give serrapeptase a try for the first time and for those who want to further improve results. Start your ‘serrapeptase plan’ with these x30 capsules and then once you notice an improvement, move onto the x90 larger bottle for a ‘maintenance’ dose.

SerraEnzyme 250,000iu is the world’s strongest serrapeptase and is perfect for those who have serious health conditions, (which serrapeptase can help) and for those who want faster results.

It is over x3 stronger than our other serrapeptase, SerraEnzyme 80,000iu.

This trial size is also convenient for travelling, when on a short break away from home and for those practitioners who want to use serrapeptase for kinesiology testing. It is also more suitable than the 80,000iu for those who need a high dose and would prefer to take fewer caps.

Once you have finished your TRIAL, please contact Good Health Naturally, to determine which serrapeptase is most suitable for you for long term maintenance.

Serra Enzyme™ is the Serrapeptase enzyme that earned the title… ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. Its wide use throughout the past 30 years, 23 studies, successful use by doctors throughout the world, and its fantastic library of testimonials makes this the essential supplement to what you don’t find in your everyday diet. By helping to prevent and remove dead tissue and unhealthy inflammation, it allows the body’s naturally healthy processes to function.

Serra Enzyme™ 250,000IU Maximum Strength capsules are delayed release and are taken on an empty stomach to ensure that they are activated in the small intestine, rather than in the stomach. There are no known side effects or interactions with any prescription drug or other supplements.

Containing 250,000IU’s of natural Serrapeptase, known as ‘The Miracle Enzyme’, Serra Enzyme™ is formulated to give maximum benefit in the minimum time.

This product : Serra Enzyme™ 250,000IU Maximum Strength – 30 Capsules Trial Size

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